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“When I lived in England, I used to paint and print eucalyptus leaves because they reminded me of home. Now that I live in Daylesford, I am moved to paint the landscape around me. A sense of place, nature and in recent times even my cats: all of these things inform my work. In essence, however, my work is about the surface texture of print or paint, colour relationships, rhythm and balance.”

Helga now lives and works in Daylesford, Victoria. She completed a B.A. (hons) in fine arts at the University of Hertfordshire, U.K. in 2000 and took part in numerous group shows and the Cambridge Open Studios event over several years before moving back to Australia. Her work hangs in private collections as well as in the Cambridge Lifespan Healthcare Trust.

Helga makes her prints on an etching press in the studio of her garden in Daylesford. She only makes small editions of around 20 as she finds it too boring to churn out long print runs.
Helga has successfully exhibited at local galleries, such as Tin Shed Arts in Malmsbury since 2004, and in 2008 she won the Glenlyon Landscape Exhibition prize. She has also designed the popular 2008 version of the Hepburn Springs Swiss Italian Festa Poster.


Daylesford and Macedon Ranges Open Studios: www.dmropenstudios.com.au




















"If you know what you’re doing you’re wasting your time."

-- Buckminster Fuller